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Tilajari Hotel Resort is located in San Carlos, the largest canton of Costa Rica and even larger than the provinces of Heredia and Cartago.

San Carlos has a geographic mix of mountains in the south, where many rivers born and where the most important trade towns are located, and vast plains to the north being the cradle of agriculture and livestock production. The canton is also strong in hydropower, tourism and agricultural activities for export and domestic consumption.

Descending from the 680 meters to the plains about 70 meters, water and natural richness make possible to develop large pineapple, sugarcane, tubers and citrus plantations combined with extensive pastures for beef and dairy cattle. Its humid tropical climate varies from cool in mountainous areas to the warmer plains, but with greenery and flowering all year.

Since 1990 San Carlos area begins to dabble in tourism for all preferences and needs, basically generated from the interest of travelers to see the Arenal Volcano. Thus, there are alternatives for all types of visitors, ranging from bird watching, spa treatments and hot springs to zip line tours (canopy), rural tourism projects, horseback riding, hiking in protected forests and the use of Arenal lake for recreational activities like fishing, boating and transportation to Monteverde.

San Carlos also has a wide range of accommodations, restaurants, banks, educational and trading options, complemented with transport services, water, telephone, electricity and high speed internet.