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For students, one of the major problems is writing a comprehensive, informative and well-versed problem-solution essay. The content of this essay should be flawless, grammatically correct and contain all elements that are required by the teacher. If you are confused about what to do in this regard, you just need to follow these simple essay steps provided by

  1. Choose your topic wisely

The first and most important step is the selection of the right kind of problem. Various students are not even clear about the topic they want to write on. We recommend them to consult their teachers, classmates or seniors to be familiar with the topic of a problem-solution essay.

  1. Research, research, research

Once the topic has been chosen, the next step is to research and collect relevant content from books, journals, and authentic websites. You should collect as much content, relevant to your topic, as possible and highlight the main points that you may like to cover in your essay.

  1. Write a thesis statement

There are a lot of ways to write an effective and wonderful thesis statement. For instance, you can write it separately somewhere in the introductory paragraph of your essay or simply mention the problem you want to give a solution for in the very first line.

  1. Focus on opening paragraph and body

It has been already mentioned that the thesis statement should be written in the first paragraph of your essay. The next sections, meaning the body of your essay, should contain supporting examples and proper references. If you take the ideas from someone’s essay, make sure you have referenced it fully to avoid being caught for plagiarism.

  1. Outline or design the research plan

You can either design a research plan or make an outline as per your requirements. Consult your teacher in this regard or talk to a senior regarding how an outline can be designed for the essay. Make sure your theme is clear and you do not cover too many problems in the same essay. Instead, focus on one problem and its solution, and create your outline or research plan accordingly.

  1. Pay attention to the conclusion and do not forget to edit your essay

Once everything is written, supported by examples and fully referenced, the final stage is to craft a conclusion. In this section, you should write some tips and encourage others to give their feedback; and yes, you should not forget to edit and proofread your essay. Various students spend a lot of time in writing but do not proofread or edit their problem-solution essays. The chance is that your essay has several grammatical or spelling errors and this may damage your reputation before the teacher. To avoid all such confusions, you should always proofread your work before final submission.

  1. Take feedback seriously

If the essay is returned to you with the feedback, you should try to edit all the sections that require a rewrite or minor edits. Determine what your teacher wants to say and check every feedback before submitting the essay for the second time. Make sure it is not returned to you with additional feedback.

Now, answer the‘s question: did you check the grading rubric? While writing your essay, you must check it to be assured that every point is properly covered and the essay is up to the mark and as per the expectations of your teacher.