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Hotel & Resort Tilajari

Dining Introduction

Enjoy some of the best cuisine the Northern Lowlands of Costa Rica offer. The Arenal Volcano region and beyond gifts an abundance of delicious produce used daily at Tilajari´s Katira Restaurant and Rio Lounge Bar. Guests can enjoy the freshest locally sourced seasonal produce that nature and our farming community offer.

Dine in the open-air restaurant overlooking the majestic San Carlos River and be immersed in the lush, tropical gardens that attract birds and wildlife to its colorful, nectar-filled flowers and fruits. The team of passionate chefs is inspired by the natural surroundings and creates the perfect accompaniment to your Tilajari dining experience.

The varied menus and buffets feature Costa Rica’s tropical tastes and freshly caught seafood fresh tastes. Vegetarian meals are also available, and we cater to other dietary requirements.

Katira translates to Pretty Woman in the local Maleku indigenous language. We not only pay tribute to our indigenous heritage but also to the local flavors and aromas of this land that is bountiful and gives us spaces to enjoy delicious cuisine surrounded by nature.


Katira Restaurant

Eating at Katira Restaurant is a uniquely local experience with an abundance of premium ingredients taking a regional approach to cooking to ensure the finest and freshest local produce...


Rio Lounge Bar

During the day, enjoy fresh juices, espresso, and perhaps a cold beer or glass of sparkling wine. In the evening, delight your palate with a generous selection of premium wines and expertly mixed cocktails that taste like summer...

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