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Katira Restaurant

Dining at Katira Restaurant is an exclusively local affair with a bounty of premium ingredients that takes a regional approach to cuisine to ensure the finest and freshest locally sourced produce. This vision is showcased in every inspired menu and is driven by a commitment to provide a real ‘sense of place’ for diners.

Breakfast at Katira is a relaxed atmosphere, the perfect way to kick-start a day of adventure on the river or lounging by the pool. Witness the morning unfold while savoring the daily selection of hot breakfast items from the kitchen Costa Rican-style. Highlights include “Gallo Pinto,” fresh, tropical fruits, and delicious Costa Rican freshly brewed coffee.

Lunch and dinner at Katira offer choices to cater to everyone’s tastes and are perfectly balanced in flavor and quantity. Enjoy an alfresco dining experience showcasing fresh, seasonal ingredients on the terrace overlooking the river.

Katira Restaurant


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