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Pleasant Stays

Sports Events

Tilajari’s commitment to promoting healthy living through sports and recreation is reflected in the range of facilities and activities available for our guests. Our six outdoor and roofed tennis courts are regularly used for tournaments and training camps, providing an excellent opportunity for tennis enthusiasts to hone their skills. These same courts are also equipped for pickleball and basketball, offering guests a diverse range of recreational possibilities.

Our well-maintained soccer field is a favorite destination for first-division teams during their pre-season concentrations and stay before games against the local San Carlos team. Whether you’re a soccer fan or simply enjoy the sport, our field is an excellent place to watch a game or even play a match with friends.

In addition to our sports facilities, Tilajari also features a semi-Olympic pool and gym for guests who prefer to swim laps or work out in a gym setting. With a variety of activities available, including morning workouts, afternoon dips, and relaxing evenings by the pool, there is something for everyone at Tilajari.

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