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Hotel & Resort Tilajari

Northern Costa Rica

Northern Costa Rica is located in the northern part of the country and stretches from the La Hacienda River in Upala to the Sarapiquí River in La Virgen de Sarapiquí. Nicaragua borders it to the north, the Guanacaste Mountains to the west, the Sarapiquí and Toro Amarillo rivers to the east, and Naranjo County to the south.

Costa Rica’s National Protected Lands network is home to large areas of Northern Costa Rica, some of which are visited on Tilajari’s signature experiences. These include prominent resources such as humid forest, montane rainforest, and wetlands, which are home environments, provide food sources, and are used to breed many wildlife and bird species. Many of these ecosystems are part of biological research programs and provide valuable water resources for the northern zone for hydroelectric power production and human consumption. In addition, it has geomorphic structures, including active and inactive volcanic centers such as the Arenal Volcano. Protected wildlife areas are home to the Military Macaw and many other endangered species.

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