Corporate Social Responsibility

In Tilajari we understand the importance of solidarity and the power of social aid. That’s why we compromised to help communities and people in need, so that we can provide a better integral and social development, not only for them but for society as a whole. Discover here the different ways and projects with which we make a difference.


In 2015, the hotel staff had the initiative of doing activities in order to raise funds and buy property to the family of Manuel Alvarez, a single father of four children who worked as a gardener and was living a very difficult situation

The owners of the hotel joined the cause and immediately offered to duplicate the amount raised. In only one year, the property was bought and all the transactions for a house bonus to build the house in the San Carlos Dock were paid.

What started as just an idea became what today is the Pro Hogar Project of Tilajari Group, which hopes to see more beneficiaries in the years to come.


In Tilajari Hotel we contribute to coordination a general facilitation, looking for voluntary support but sustained toward children and their families, in a material and psychological level. Then, born from their relationship with their godparents, the beneficiaries compromise to be the best possible students so that, in the long run, they can have better work opportunities that will allow them to begin a path to better the economical situation for their families. Individually, we promote that the godparents visit the kids at their homes, so that they can understand their situations firsthand to create a tighter bond with them.

Hombre Nuevo Rehabilitation Center in Esterillos

In the Hombre Nuevo Rehab Center we have an integral treatment that encases individual and group therapy. We provide an interdisciplinary team composed by advisers in addictions, psychology, social work and occupational therapy which works with them the entire week. We also have the help of a spiritual adviser and the necessary administrative support. Periodically, we provide a physical therapist who examines the residents for the realization of physical activities and in the gym, also a doctor visits us monthly, and provides medical check-up and recommendations if they are necessary.