Our practices

  • We want to provide a smoke-free environment for guests. As significant proof of this, customers are not allowed to smoke inside the rooms. In case the client smokes, they will be charged for $150 for high cost of a room optimally reset to its initial condition smoke free.
  • The Housekeeper department has a system of “Delayed change of towels and sheets”. This information is available in your table night.
  • The printing and writing paper consumed in the hotel is classified and reused as stationary notes cubes or delivered to a Recycle Center.
  • Part of the organic waste generated on site is processed to compost (natural fertilizer) of gardens, the rest is given to pork producers in the area.
  • We have a project in process for better wastewater management.
  • We conserve the condition of a tropical primary and secondary forest next to the hotel and schedule trails maintenance.
  • We keep a close relationship with local social projects through sponsorships or donations (children’s home, rehabilitation center, schools, etc.
  • We used fluorescent bulbs with low energy consumption in most lighting systems.
  • Biodegradable products are used for maintenance of gardens.
  • We collect used oils from hotel´s kitchen and other restaurants around, to produce biodiesel in our small plant. In order to fulfill fuel need of lawn mowers and company vehicles.
  • The local organization responsible for providing potable water, regularly runs analysis to certified drinking water quality for human consumption.
  • We keep regular training program for our staff
  • We schedule preventive maintenance of electrical installations and equipments, plus regular check of pipelines
  • Customers are encouraged to classification of solid waste through separate containers for plastic, glass, paper, aluminum and tetra brik to deliver to the local Recycle center
  • Our guests can find a Directory of Services in each room. In order to get as much information as possible during their stay.
  • The gift shop gives priority to selling crafts or items from local producers and has labeled the origin of each product line. Also, only receives crafts made with legal woods.
  • We have achieved up to 90% reduction in the use of chlorine and other chemicals and cleaning supplies were replaced by organic or biodegradable products.
  • Most of our providers have signed a letter of intent to adopt or improve sustainable practices in their own businesses.
  • We avoid the use of disposable tableware. Instead we use containers made of compostable material and all our biodegradable trash bags (D2W).
  • The bottles of water we sale are made of 50% recycled plastic.
  • As a company, we fulfill all obligations established by Costarican Law regarding social security, wages, policies and other requirements.
  • The hotel is affiliated to the Code of conduct to prevent sexual exploitation of children in tourism companies.

You can help too

Como huésped y viajero de negocios o placer, si lo desea puede aplicar sencillas prácticas sostenibles que serán de gran beneficio para todos.

  • In your hotel, practice “the delay in change of towels and sheets”. This contributes to water saving and less pollution from detergents, bleach and energy amount other items.
  • Prefer to buy local crafts or products, from family or micro rural business, etc. And support the economy in areas with difficult development doing this you save money by avoiding the middleman.
  • Consume water in reusable bottles that you can refill constantly, avoid the use of items or packages that are disposable.
  • Plan well your route of travel, check your vehicle and drive properly. Respect the traffic signs to achieve fuel saving and your welfare on the road.
  • Remember to turn off the lights, air conditioning and fan when you leave the room. Electrical and electronic devices must be disconnected when are not in use otherwise they will continue consuming energy if they are connected.
  • Visit cultural activities in the area, share the recreational activities with the locals, look for tours in new and rare places. We have a board with info available in the restaurant. Experience something different!
  • Do not buy, sell or trade any archaeological items or any wildlife. Denounce these illegal activities.
  • Get used to carry a litter bag in your vehicle. Many sites now have containers to separate your garbage, help to reuse and recycling. In hotel’s property we have three units of containers to separate your garbage.
  • Feel free to express your unconformities and comments to any place you visit. To every company is very important to know the opinion of the client about their product or service. This is a great contribution to the culture of costumer service that is being develop in this country.
  • Prefer to visit hotels and establishments involved in programs or projects of social assistance and environmental protection as the Code of Conduct Paniamor, Blue Ecological Flag, CST, etc. So you will be a costumer but also become a collaborator of such practices.
  • Avoid changing the order of nature by subtracting the forest plants, seashells from the beach or feeding wild animals.
  • As many other countries, you may find a homeless person asking for money in some towns. If you really want to help, do not give them money, instead you can offer food or donate cash to a social assistance organization recommended by your hotel or travel agency.